Carob Nectar and UltraFood of the future

The first UltraFood with exceptional nutraceutical properties obtained using an innovative ultrasound process

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Ostuni - Italy

The exceptional effects of polyphenols on your health have been amply demonstrated! 

Amele’s amazing concentration of polyphenols makes it one of the world’s most powerful foods

Hasty meals and the stress of everyday life could weaken your body and cause all those ailments connected with an increasingly weakened immune system.

Do you know why polyphenols are such an extraordinary aid to your well-being


They have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects


They contrast the activity of free radicals


They reduce the risk of degenerative diseases


They strengthen the immune system


They act against tumours


They are effective in cases of obesity


They have properties that contrast fungi, bacteria and viruses


They protect the nervous system

What is Amèle?

A honey-like carob nectar obtained using a patented and exclusive extraction method based on ultrasound – this means that Amele is the first food that can be defined as an UltraFood

We need your help!

We are a small agribusiness dedicated to sustainable innovation and recuperation of agricultural land.

When you buy our nectar, you support the research and development contributing to this supplement of the future, especially the development of our incredible ultrasound technology that can revolutionise methods to obtain healing and nutritional extracts from plants and herbs.


The freedom to care for you using the natural remedies of the past, enhanced by the technology of the future, in harmony with nature and our land


CE.SI.R.A. – Professor Clodoveo and the opportunities for scientific research

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Puglia’s hot and sun-drenched countryside is home to a plant that produces a fruit known as Saint John’s bread.

This is the carob, which has been known since ancient times as a desert plant and whose fruits are good, sweet and nutritious, like bread.

Nowadays tradition and innovation have come together to produce Amèle, a nectar made from the flesh of the carob and extracted using ultrasound.

Amèle is not just a simple extract of carob - it is THE CAROB NECTAR par excellence

Amèle is an organic product obtained by extracting the nutritional substances from the flesh of carob pods using an innovative technology based on ultrasound.

Amèle is produced using only carob flesh and water, with no added sugars.

This technology makes it possible to obtain a large amount of health-giving elements from the carob flesh, without altering the special sensory qualities of this wonderful fruit.

Why? Simply because the nectar is extracted at a low temperature and no chemicals are used.

This is why we say that Amèle is more than a superfood – it’s actually the only Ultrafood on the market.

Amèle’s properties

Carob nectar contains a lot of fundamental micro-nutrients


About 5% of our Carob Nectar’s weight (50 g per kilo!) consists of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. These contrast the action of free radicals and so reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. They include gallic acid, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, miritricina and quercitrin.


Carob Nectar is a strong prebiotic, meaning that it encourages the growth of probiotic bacteria in the intestine (in particular B. animalis lactis BB12) that compete with harmful intestinal bacteria like E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella etc.

Vitamins B2, B6 e B3

Carob Nectar contains a lot of B vitamins, which are essential for your metabolism and ensure that the body’s energy processes function correctly.


Carob Nectar contains a large amount of fibre – around 5% of its weight – so it increases your feeling of fullness after eating it.


Helps the immune system work correctly.


Carob is a good source of copper, which is required for several cell reactions and is fundamental for bone health.



We produce our Carob Nectar on our certified organic farm, using only the organically-grown carobs we harvest on our own land.

The extraordinary ultrasound machinery we use for low-temperature extraction has been designed and built thanks to our partnership with Puglia’s regional government and Bari Polytechnic. We are leaders of the Cesira Project, and here is an excellent example of how collaboration brings wonderful innovative results.

The CE.SI.R.A. Project is just the start of the interesting project aimed at valorisation of Puglia’s biodiversity in relation to carob. The scientific and technical resear- ch carried out by the partners in the project, led by Azienda Agrico- la Olère, has created an important starting point in the creation of value based on carob. The study of this ancient plant has laid the foundations for the creation of a local all Puglian production system that will make it possible to provide agriculture with a new source of income.

All of this has been made possible by constant communication between public and private sectors, between researchers (Bari Polytechnic, represented by Professor Amirante, the University of Bari represented by Professor Clodoveo, Professor Nigro and Dr Crupi, and the CNR-ISPA with Dr Di Venere) and the growers in the areas of Ostuni, Cisternino, Fasano and Monopoli (Az. Agr. F.lli Barnaba, Az. Agr. Biologica D’Amico Vitama- ria, OP Acliterra Brindisi, Az. Agr. Olère) and with the Coastal Dunes Regional Nature Park (Parco Naturale Regionale delle Dune Costiere), all the time paying attention to good practices in environmental protection and valorisation.

The CE.SI.R.A. Project did a lot of preliminary work: census, fertilisation, grafts, harvesting. This meant that it could then move on to engineering, with the design and construction of the first prototype using ultrasound technology for industrial extraction of nutraceutical components from carob. This technology makes the production of concentrates fifty times faster! 

Industrial extraction using the ultrasound prototype designed by Bari Polytechnic is able to break down the cells very quickly at ambient temperature to extract the useful and beneficial substances they contain.

The University of Bari and CNR-I- SPA analysed and identified many of the substances contained in the carob extract, and some of their possible uses were tested in various sectors: as nutraceuticals and probiotics, as pharmacological components, and as biocides against organisms harmful to humans and agricultural crops.

The Project also offers important ideas and tools for the regeneration of agricultural landscapes in Puglia during the time of Xylella and in years of great climate changes. These include the creation of a digital system to carry out a census of the carobs on the farms involved, the study and optimisation of agricultural practices on existent trees, the study of new plantations, and the urgent need to create a production system providing a large number of trees already grafted and certified, which does not yet exist.

Our Carob Nectar (Nettare di Carrube) is actually obtained from the flesh of the carob seed-pod, extracted using ultrasound, a technology that maintains the sensory properties of the plant intact.

When you buy Amèle, not only will you improve your well-being but you’ll also be supporting a project that has the health and biodiversity at heart. 

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CE.SI.R.A. - the innovative ultrasound technology designed and built by Bari Polytechnic


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Not only is Amèle precious for your health and well-being but it’s also fundamental for the conservation of our land.


Carmela Riccardi

Amèle Carob Nectar is produced by Masseria Olère, an agribusiness and farm situated deep in the countryside near Ostuni in Puglia.

After several years spent living in the north of Italy, Carmela and Leonardo decided to return to their origins and live in daily contact with the land, allowing it to express its real nature and value.

This is how they began the ambitious process of enhancing the value of carob, one of the most typical fruits found in Puglia’s countryside.

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When you buy Amèle you can experience the benefits of an organic carob nectar with unique properties. With just one teaspoonful of Amèle a day, you’ll:

  • Obtain your daily requirement of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, protecting you against the cell aging process caused by free radicals
  • Improve the level of cholesterol in your blood, in particular the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), considered responsible for the build-up of arterosclerotic plaque.
  • increase glucose absorption by your muscles, which reduces insulin production.
  • boost the beneficial probiotic intestinal bacteria that fight harmful intestinal bacteria

You’ll also contribute to the CE.SI.R.A Project and support the recovery of country areas in Puglia devastated by Xylella.

This is the box we’ll deliver to you at home. It also makes a wonderful gift.

The price of a 100g  jar of Amèle is €35,00

and if you take a teaspoon per day it will last you for about a month.
You will only have to add the shipping* cost  to receive it directly at your home.

*contact us to find out the transportation costs to your destination.


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